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Instructorial seminar and international tournament, Solau, Lithuania

Second September weekend in 2004 the seminar and tournament took place in Lithuanian city Solau under cover of Lithuanian Union JKA with instructors shihan Ochi – chief instructor JKA Europe and shihan Bura, technical director JKA Europe. Shihan Bura led the seminar, where only holders of master degree could participate. Seminar has been dedicated to all news in standardization of kata and also drilling of techniques in kihon.

Tournament had five teams including team from Czech Republic. It is praiseworthy, that also in this seminar and tournament the Karatedo Tsunami Prachatice team had two representatives. Our team has been represented by Mr. Frantisek Vorel as a member of national team and as usually by Mr. David Havlík, who participated in instructorial seminar and worked as a referee in the tournament. Representatives of our team did quite well, which can be proved by the fact Mr. Frantisek Vorel fought out the second place with national team.